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What kind of resource is ttbyl.net?

With many states and districts adopting the Common Core State Standards, it’s becoming harder to teach the books that you love, or books that are not a part of the public school canon. School districts only want to teach books recommended by the common core, and often require in-depth analysis and alignment to teach anything else. Ttbyl.net is a collection of books that have all been aligned with the Common Core. All of the books have qualitative and quantitative text complexity measures listed, along with summaries, rationale for teaching, suggested CCSS, and even some teacher resources. Teachers can then match books to the needs of their students and come up with vibrant new ideas for their curriculum, and justify it to their administration.

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What do our entries include?

Our entries are based on the information teachers need about text complexity as described in the Common Core State Standards. Each entry has a Lexile level (if available) so that teachers know the overall quantitative difficulty. Entries also include the qualitative measures. These measures are combined to come up with a grade-level recommendation. Entries also include Reader and Task considerations which provide teachers with a starting point for standards to teach and text sets that complement the entry.

Have a book you love to teach?

Then you should consider contributing to our online database of resources! We rely on informed and well-crafted entries to keep this site up-to-date and relevant to educators. We are always looking for new and interesting additions to feature.

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